As a corporate, we DREAMNIDA Inc have two goals; life-enhancing goals and cooperative coexistence. 
We provide various contents development and technology with software development, distribution, 
consulting and education for CT(Culture Technology).

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Dreamnida Co.,Ltd.

Marketing Alliance

As a corporate, we DREAMNIDA Inc have two goals; life-enhancing goals and cooperative coexistence.

Contract Customer services: Mon~Fri / 09:00-18:00

We are putting our best and the hardest efforts to handle every inquiry as fast as we can.
If you have contacted our Customer service center after the daily service is over,
please be patient and understand that we will handle your inquiry on the next business day. Thank you.

Please understand that in the time of sudden increase of e-mails/phone counseling counts, it may take longer time than usual.

Any applied Marketing Alliance Application will go through the evaluation from the HQ, and will be given answers shortly.

The purpose of collecting and utilizing personal information

The information collected will only be used for the evaluation process for Marking alliance application check. Only fully authorized related person in charge can access, handle, and use data for the given purpose

Personal information Items for collection

Under Article 15 of the privacy protection act, we are only collecting the data that cannot be accessed without person’s own agreement. These are the items we are collecting under our given purposes.

Mandatory items: Company(Organization) Name, a proposer(proponent)’s name, Contact information, e-mail address.

All of these collected data will be removed and destroyed from our database right after we finish the evaluation of your Marketing Alliance Application.